Seventeenth Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival From January 23 to 27 in Mećavnik, Serbia

Regizorul sârb Emir Kusturica, fondatorul festivalului Kustendorf. FOTO Adrian Boioglu
Regizorul sârb Emir Kusturica, fondatorul festivalului Kustendorf. FOTO Adrian Boioglu

The 17th Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival will be held from January 23 to 27, 2024 in Mećavnik, Mokra Gora under the motto “Not surveillance, cinematography!”.

The Kustendorf Festival, organized by the production company Rasta International and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and Mećavnik Grada, as in previous years, focuses equally on young filmmakers and the greats of world auteur film.

Competition program – There will be 17 films in the competition program of the 17th Kustendorf. A total of 536 short films were submitted for the upcoming Kustendorf. The selected films stand out for the authenticity of the author’s world view, and at the same time they well represent the diversity of approaches among the submitted films. Authors from Serbia, Austria, Finland, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Germany, USA, Egypt, Mexico, Uzbekistan, North Macedonia, India, Czech Republic, Croatia and Russia will compete for the Golden, Silver and Bronze Egg, as well as for the “Vilko Filač” Award for the best film photography.

The international jury consists of: Sandro Veronesi, Italian writer, and publicist, Bojana Panić, Serbian actress and Muzafarkon Erkinov, film director from Uzbekistan. The “Vilko Filač” award will be decided by the director of photography from Rome, Vladan Radović, and Michel Amatie, the director of photography from France.

Contemporary trends – Contemporary Tendencies will show: the film “Io Capitano” by director Matteo Garrone, winner of the Silver Lion award for best director at the Venice Film Festival, the film “Comandante”  director Edoardo de Angelis, which opened festival in Venice, the award-winning film “Lost Country” by director Vladimir Perišić, the documentary film “The Last Motorship” by Russian director Ilya Zheltyakov and a participant in the Berlin Film Festival, the film “Disco Boy” by Italian director Giacomo Abbruzzese.

The guests of the festival will be the directors of the films in the Contemporary trends program, Matteo Garone, Edoardo de Angelis, Vladimir Perišić, Ilja Zheltyakov and Giacomo Abbruzzese. The prize of the festival “Tree of Life” will be awarded to the award-winning Italian director Matteo Garrone.

As part of the Retrospective program, the films “On the Waterfront” by director Elia Kazan from 1954, the silent film “Greed” from 1924 by Erich von Stroheim, “Wishing Tree” will be shown from 1976 by Georgian director Tengiz Abuladze, as well as Fellini’s “8 1/2”. Through this year’s retrospective, the centenary of the creation of the film “Greed” and the birth of film giants Marcello Mastroianni, Marlon Brando and Tengiz Abuladze are being celebrated.

The New Authors program will show feature films by Russian director Sonya Karpunina “Desparate for  Marriage”, then director Basil Khalil’s “A Gaza Weekend” as well as the films “Terrestrial Verses” by co-director Ali Asgari and Alireza Khatami  and “My Swiss Army” by Luka Popadić.

The curiosity of the festival is that all directors from the New Authors program, as well as directors Edoardo de Angelis and Giacomo Abruceze from the Contemporary Tendencies program, not so long ago participated in the Kustendorf Competition Program with their student works.

Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival is one of the few festivals in the world where the exchange of energy between young and experienced artists is visible at every step, and which hosts famous authors, actors and musicians, as well as numerous young filmmakers and film school students from all over the world. as well as other eminent guests from the world of film.

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